Franziska Lassman

2nd Degree Instructor and Eastbourne School Owner

KSN Franziska’s previous martial arts background is in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. She discovered Kuk Sool in 2014 and as the general manager and safeguarding officer, is the first point of contact for our students and parents. Dedicated to all things Kuk Sool, running our pre-school program, she also regularly competes in the European and UK Tournaments with success.

Emily Alanova

3rd Degree Instructor

PBSN Emily started learning Kuk Sool in 1994 and took a bit of time out to raise her family and returned in 2009. She received her 1st degree Black Belt in 2013, her 2nd degree Black Belt in 2019 and her 3rd degree Back Belt in 2023. Emily is a vital part to the Instructor team and assists in all classes.

Peter Lassman

2nd Degree Instructor and Hailsham School Owner

KSN Peter has trained in various martial arts before discovering KUK SOOL in 2013. He has dedicated himself to training and teaching the National Korean system with success in many tournaments and is now a THREE TIME European Grand Champion in the 1st Degree Black Belt category. He is also a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and runs the schools additional Fitness Classes.


3rd Degree Instructor


2nd Degree Junior Instructor


1st Degree Junior nstructor