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Ninja Warriors (7 – 13 year olds)

Our Ninja Warriors classes are enrolling new ninjas!

It is a class designed specially for 7-13 year olds…

Through our Ninjas training programme we focus on improving confidence, co-ordination and balance as well as a number of other things…

We also make sure we have loads and loads of fun! Your little one will naturally improve their social skills, make new friends and use up all that excess energy!

Ninjas are awarded for their hard work, effort and achievements with recognition and by earning stripes for their belts. They will learn kicking, hand strikes, falling, throwing, joint locks, pressure points and much more.

There is also opportunity as your ninja progresses through the ranks to train in weapons including nun-chucks, bo staff and sword!

Those ninjas that wish to complete get a number of opportunities each year to showcase their skills at tournaments around the country. Competing is optional, but for those wishing to do so, full support is given in order to give them the best opportunity of bringing home a gold medal.

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 The Martial Arts Centre - Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings

First Floor
24 Longstone Road
East Sussex
BN21 3SN

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